Shane Wicke - Game Designer

I had the pleasure of working with Luc for the last three and a half years on Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire, and our unreleased project at KMMIE.

Luc is a devoted and enthusiastic character artist that spent the majority of the time as the acting team lead. Luc would always go above and beyond, constantly producing amazing results, while maintaining an approachable and positive mentality.

As a character artist, it is easy to see that Luc enjoys his work. The level of intricacy and polish in every one of his creations constantly raises the bar of quality.

Never shy of a challenge, Luc was always happy to tackle the interesting challenges presented to him with L.A Noire’s ground breaking Motion scanning technology. Working closely with the program team from Depth Analysis and our own engine programmers, Luc communicated clearly and efficiently to achieve a result that really speaks for itself.

Luc’s diverse and solid skillset make him an ideal asset on any project. I would happily work with Luc again, and look forward to seeing what he creates next.

June 4, 2013, Shane worked with Luc at KMM Interactive Entertainment

Fei Zhao - 3D Graphic Artist

Luc is one of the most professional artists that I met so far. He has profound knowledge on both art and 2D/3D applications. He is super fast and his character workflow is incredibly efficient. His tools are optimized to the utmost and he uses each to them to their advantages to achieve AAA quality within minimum time. I am still amazed by his Maya operation based on 77 hot keys and his speedy texture painting with customized practical Photoshop brushes. He loves to share his knowledge and never get tired of helping people out. Even when on leave, he would answer my questions till I fully understand through phone. He is also a fun person to chill with after work.

It was my great pleasure and a very inspirational time to work with Luc at KMMIE. I strongly recommend him for any 3d, CG or film work.

June 3, 2013, Fei reported to Luc at KMM Interactive Entertainment

Jason Baskin - Character TD/Animator

Luc has created many 3D models for me, ranging from realistic, mechanical objects, to stylized, organic characters; invariably his work has been of the absolute highest quality. Edge flow was solid and all surfaces were controlled and built to correct proportion. Luc is a natural born modeler - he immerses himself in every project, and is able to tackle complex forms and minute details (when needed) with ease. He is also an excellent communicator, is easy to work with, and handles feedback very well. Last but not least, Luc is creative and resourceful, and can develop compelling design solutions that capture the spirit of a concept sketch even when details are sparse. I would recommend Luc for any 3D modeling job with no hesitation.

March 4, 2009, Jason was Luc's Freelance Client

Nate Hallinan - Concept Artist, Matte Painter, Illustrator

I have worked with Luc and he is a quick, efficient, and amazing modeler. I have 100% trust in his ability to model anything exactly the way it is intended to. He is a database of knowledge and techniques on how to model. It is very easy to communicate and throw ideas off of Luc. He’s a great person to work with and to hang out.

December 1, 2008, Nate worked directly with Luc at Liquid Deveopment

Joanna Priestley - Owner at Priestley Motion Pictures

Luc Cote' is a brilliant modeler! I contacted him about creating a realistic, highly detailed Venus figure in Maya for my new film. I wanted her to look cold with icicles and a frosty surface. His turnaround time was extremely fast and she is fabulous, with gorgeous hair, skin, face, hands, feet and musculature. I am delighted and have asked him to model another three...more

July 7, 2008, Joanna was Luc's Freelance Client