Resume / Contact

Luc Cote'

3D Character Artist


3D Artist with six years experience in modeling, unwrapping, sculpting, texturing, rigging, and skinning. Experience in both Havok and PhysX Cloth systems.
Specializing in the Character Art pipeline.

Major Projects:

Project WOTO - KMMIE/ Warner Bros. - Character Artist

  • Personally in charge of all character art development, character art R&D, and pipeline improvements moving past the L.A. Noire pipeline.
  • Worked with Depth Analysis on revolutionary character art research and development.
  • In charge of team coordination, task creation, character bible and reference management, and all major leadership roles for the character team under the Production Designer.
Happy Feet Two - Dr.D Studios - Character Finaller

  • In charge of rigging, skinning, blend shapes, and using proprietary tools to make the finishing touches on principal characters before shots went to render.
L.A. Noire - Team Bondi/Rockstar Games - Character Artist

  • Personally in charge of the main principle character, Cole Phelps, for all of his outfits, with modeling, sculpting, unwrapping, texturing, and skinning, and finally testing in game.
  • In charge of the majority of all other principal characters.
  • In charge of the homicide victims.
  • Coordination of character team task distribution, minor leadership roles under the Production Designer and Art Leads.

Professional Experience:

3D Character Artist - Self Employed
5/2013 - Present
      Freelance 3D Character Asset Work Ongoing

3D Graphic Artist - Hands-on Systems
2/2013 - 5/2013
      Created 3D imagery for marketing and web promotional videos.

Character Artist - KMM Interactive Entertainment
11/2011 - 12/2012
      Creation of character assets, character pipeline development, and character R&D for "The Whore of the Orient"

Character Finaller - Dr. D Studios
9/2011 - 11/2011
      Implementing shot-specific rigging and skinning fixes for Characters in the film Happy Feet 2.

Character Artist - Team Bondi
1/2009 - 9/2011
      Character Artist for L.A. Noire

Freelance 3D Artist - Liquid Development
5/2007 - 12/2008
      3D Modeler and Texture Artist. 


The Art Institute of Portland

Bachelor of Science - Game Art and Design